tisdag 31 januari 2012

Creation of the Collie

He made the regal collie so beautiful, proud, and bold.
The dazzling noble sable, with coat of shimmering gold.
his arms extended upwards, and touched the blazing sun,
 ... there stood the sable collie, the lovely golden one.

He turned his head so slightly, toward the clear blue sky,
and made the blue merle collie, so pleasing to the eye.
Tan and white were added, to his... colouring of blue,
and there he had created, a dog of lovely hue.

When night at last began to fall. He made the darkest of them all,
combining black, with tan and white, the tri-colour, of sheer delight.

There stood those three great collies, beneath the setting sun,
the blue merle, tri-colour, and the golden sable one.
Gifted with movement so graceful, and so smooth,
three truly noble collies, to them, our hearts we lose.
Author Unknown

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